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Travel to the Wolof of Senegal

Senegal has a lot to offer any visitor to Africa whether on a holiday or mission. If you are interested in travelling to Senegal then you will find below some of the best links on the web.

Travel Document Systems provide detailed information on Yellow fever vaccination requirements.

AfricaNet - Senegal   An excellent non-graphical site (which means it is fast) with plenty of relevant information for travellers to Senegal.

Lonely Planet World Guide - Destination Senegal   Another excellent site for tourists wanting information on Senegal including what to see and do, and warnings, as well as information on the country itself.

Travel Document Systems Senegal page   Provides information on entry and visa requirements for US citizens as well as other useful information for travellers.

Virtual Tourist Senegal guide. Excellent site for those wanting information on Senegal including tourist traps.

WordTravels travel guide for Senegal

Africaguide page on Senegal

Senegal Tourist Office New York website

World Travel Guide

Wikitravel - Senegal

Insuremytravel - Travel Alerts and Warnings This site seeks to keep travellers upto date with travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department.