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Mission to the Wolof of Senegal

If you are interested in knowing more about any of these opportunities, then send an email by clicking on the icon.  Opportunites for serving the Wolof from home
Opportunites for serving the Wolof in Senegal

Projects needing sponsors World Wide Missions Links

Opportunities for service from home

Prayer Co-ordinator

There is a need for someone to co-ordinate prayer among groups that have adopted the Wolof people of Senegal. This role would consist of researching to establish a list of those who have already adopted the Wolof, and then distribute regular prayer bulletins which will be supplied to you from Senegal. This research would mainly consist of contacting the many Adopt-a-people offices around the world. Distribution will hopefully be along EMail lines with minimal snail mail postage.

Advocates for the Wolof

Can you become an advocate for the Wolof? We need people who will recruit others to pray for the Wolof or even recruit others to go to serve them. Here are a few ideas to get you going, but we are sure you can think up many more. We encourage you to submit your ideas of recruiting to ForTheWolof.
- Use all means and every opportunity to bring the needs of the Wolof before the Churches
- Prepare a poster to put on the notice board at the local bible colleges and churches
- Advertise on behalf of the Wolof in local, national or international Christian journals and magazines.
- Put on an international missions night that presents the needs of the Wolof including a banquet of Senegalese food, Senegalese music or even a reprsentative of one of the missions that work among the Wolof.

Prepare a good brochure on the needs of the Wolof

This could then be distributed throughout your home church and/or citywide church community.

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Opportunities for service in Senegal

Agricultural worker

An international, interdenominational faith mission are seeking someone with agricultural experience to work alongside of rural Wolof farmers in the Senegal River Valley. The Wolof are subsistence farmers who recently have commenced growing cash crops. However, their understanding of these crops and market economies is insufficient for success. Thus the role is one of seeking to introduce improved practices and also to help farmers select appropriate crops. This work is full of challenges as the Wolof farmers do not necessarily acknowledge the real causes of their crop failures. Major agricultural projects are not envisaged, but rather working with the people at a grass roots level. The role would combine other ministries to the people.

Appropriate technology engineer

An international, interdenominational faith mission are seeking someone with knowledge and experience in the introduction of appropriate technologies to work with rural Wolof people in the Senegal River Valley. Suitable projects include fuel efficient stoves, and manual water pumps. A comprehensive library is available on site on microfiche. The role would combine other ministries to the people.

Bible teachers

Opportunities abound for teaching the Holy Books which God sent down for the guidance of mankind (the Books of Moses and the prophets, the gospel of Jesus) to the Wolof people. An international interdenominational faith mission are seeking 3 couples to be involved in teaching rural Wolof people in the Senegal River Valley. The role may also include discipling and pastoring of new believers, or practical skills to improve the lives of local people.


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Projects needing sponsors

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Mission Links

Links to some missions working among the Wolof

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Assemblies of God, Senegal
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)
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Light of God Gospel Mission
Mennonite Missions Network
Mission Inter Senegal
Mission: Moving Mountains now merged with Navigators
Mission to the World (sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America)
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Radio Toll Yalla
SIM International in Senegal.
United World Mission, Senegal
WEC International, Senegal
World Venture
Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

These more general links are well worth exploring if you would like to find out more about the Wolof, Senegal or what is happening in World Wide Mission.

WEC International Brigada Caleb Project Heart of God Ministries
WEC International Brigada Caleb Project Heart of God Ministries

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