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Appendix 3: Senegambian World View Propositions
Appendix 4: Summary of the Senegambian Worldview
Appendix 5: Ultimate Causes for the Wolof

So you would like to know more about the Wolof people! In this annotated guide are links that will inform you about the lifestyles, customs, culture and history of the Wolof people.

Senegal Orientation by a Professor of French at Lewis & Clark University   An excellent site with good information on the culture and customs of the people of Senegal, prepared as an orientation aide for those preparing to go to Senegal as part of the Universities overseas study program.
Wolof Society from the EthnoAtlas, University of Kent at Canterbury
UCLA Wolof Home page   Brief information on the Wolof people and their language provided by UCLA.
The Wolof   Brief information from Senegal Online
The Wolof   Article with links from Encyclopedia Britannica
Baxter's EduNET - Time Machine   A glimpse of Wolof history 250 years ago
Wolof People   Table with information on the Wolof from Art & Life in Africa.
The ethnography on the Lebou Les Pêcheurs Lebou du Sénégal by P. Mercier and G Balandier is available online.
Countries and their cultures have a good profile on Senegal

Wolof Unreached People Group sites

Christians all over the world are praying that God will bless the Wolof people. Thus there are a number of sites dedicated to providing information on the Wolof so that Christians can pray more intelligently.

Expanded profile on the Wolof people   An excellent and detailed article on the Wolof people.
Bethany Unreached People Prayer Profile on the Wolof   A short but excellent article on the Wolof people.
The Joshua Project has sort to gather statistical information on many of the ethnic groups of the World. They have provided a brief statistical profiles and expanded PDF profiles of the Wolof populations in Senegal, The Gambia, Mauritania, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, and France.
The Wolof 5000 Web page is seeking to raise up a team of 5,000 people who will pray for God's blessings on the Wolof. It is an impressive site with good information.
The International Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention have a site dedicated to the Wolof as well as Wolof profiles on their own site. There are downloadable documents on Wolof worldview available on the latter site.
SIM have a profile on the Wolof as do GoWestAfrica. They also have a description of the Wolof worldview and a people group profile in doc format.
Antioch Christian Fellowship have produced a downloadable pdf profile on the Wolof.

Books of Interest

Peace is Everything: World View of Muslims in the Senegambia by David Maranz 1993 Buying information from This is an excellent though technical book.
The Oral History and Literature of the Wolof People of Waalo, Northern Senegal  Information on purchasing The Oral History and Literature of the Wolof People of Waalo, Northern Senegal : The Master of the Word (Griot in the Wolof Tradition) by Samba Diop from
Book coverWolof (Heritage Library of African Peoples. West Africa)   Information on purchasing Wolof (Heritage Library of African Peoples. West Africa) by Tijan M. Sallah, Sallah M. Tijan, George Bond (Editor) from
Peoples of The Gambia I: The Wolof Gambian Studies Series by David P. Gamble, Linda K. Salmon, with Alhaji Hassan Njie
Culture and Customs of Senegal by Eric Ross


Create International have produced a video on the Wolof called "Wolof Unshackled". Create International have also produced an evangelistic video in Wolof called "The Scales of God" (Nattukaayu Yàlla).