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How to Pray for Missionaries and the Wolof of Senegal

Have you, your church or your home group adopted the Wolof people in prayer? We are seeking to bring together a network of all the individuals and groups who have adopted the Wolof people This will enable us to distibute more specific information for prayer and create a more efficient partnership representing all missions working among the Wolof. Why not email us at ForTheWolof right now, and let us know.

Does God answer prayer? Do you expect that when you pray, God will cause something to happen that otherwise would not have happened? For instance, a missionary obtains a needed visa. We know that you do, otherwise you would not pray. Have you ever thought about what this implies? It implies that if we do not pray about something, it will not happen. For instance, the missionary fails to obtain the visa because people did not pray. If one is true (God answers when we pray), the other is also true (God waits for us to pray, and nothing happens). As James said "You do not have, because you do not ask God." (James 4:2 see also Ezek 22:30; Psa 106:23; Job 42:7-9; Isai 63:5)

Missions is not about what we can achieve. It is about what God can achieve. However, He has chosen to work through His people to achieve His redemptive plans. We want to see God's supernatural power released in Senegal, but He waits for our intercession.

We are convinced about this. Of course this means that you are an essential part of the team to see the Church planted in Senegal. The team needs people to pray, and people on the front line in Senegal. One without the other will achieve very little for God's Kingdom. Can we ask you to commit yourself anew to "Standing in the Gap", to intercession on behalf of us and Senegal?

It is difficult to pray specifically and regularly for someone over a prolonged period of time, especially when there is not always a lot of news. All too readily our prayers degenerate into "God bless so and so in Africa, amen." So we wanted to give you a few ideas of prayer needs which will always be relevant. Of course, the Holy Spirit may give you other ideas. We would encourage you to listen to His voice when you pray for us.

SUNDAY Pray for our spiritual walk

We know only too well our weakness. Our walk with God is the key to everything else, yet it is also an area we struggle in. Pray that we would be disciplined to meet regularly with God and be sensitive to his voice. Pray that more and more we would be conformed into the image of Christ. Perhaps you would like to pray through one of the prayers of Paul applying each element to us specifically. (Colossians 1:9-12; Ephesians 1:15-20; Ephesians 3:14-19; Philippians 1:9-11)

MONDAY Pray for our physical health and safety

It is more dangerous to live in Africa. There are numerous diseases to which we have little resistance. How often missionaries find themselves out of action for 3, 6 months or more with hepatitis, and of course, then everyone prays. We feel it is better to pray preventatively, so that we do not get sick in the first place. Robberies are not uncommon in urban areas. We will do much travelling by all sorts of means. This too presents great risks at times.

TUESDAY Pray for our relationships

In marriage. Our marriages are witnesses. Pray that our marriages would continue to grow stronger, and that we would constantly serve the other. Pray that we would make time for each other and communicate. It is all to easy to become too busy with ministry and children, or for the constant stresses of cross-cultural living to affect our relationships to each other.

With fellow missionaries. Getting on with missionaries can be the hardest aspect of living on the mission field. Yet our unity is an important part of our witness. Pray that we would have a servant attitude, and for unity among the missionary team.

WEDNESDAY Concentrate on the spiritual war "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Eph 6:12

Senegal is very much enemy territory and he, Satan, will let us know it. In Christ we have the victory but this does not mean we don't have to fight. Pray that we will constantly know the victory of Christ. Pray that the Wolof who are captives of the evil one will be released from their darkness to be able to understand the gospel (2 Cor 4:4; Matt 12:29; 16:19).

THURSDAY Pray for our emotional health

There are many stresses which we as missionaries face. Some are common to everyone, others are unique to the missionary lifestyle. We will be working in a difficult climate, and in a work which could easily lead to discouragement and depression. Living in a culture and language which we do not understand well has its own problems. And there is little hope of release and few recreational resources available to us. Everyone faces financial pressures, but at times when money is very tight there is little we can do about it except pray. Pray that we would know how to rest in Christ, and that God would prompt His people to supply all our needs.

FRIDAY Pray for our families

A common reason for missionaries leaving the field is some kind of family concern, either with children, or family at home. Do remember to pray for our children: for their health and safety; for their education; and most important of all, that in time they will also follow Christ as their Lord. Also remember to pray for our family at home who share some of the cost we have chosen to make.

SATURDAY Pray for our ministries; and for Senegal

Senegal is a country of great spiritual and physical needs. Pray that God would open the way to the hearts of the Senegalese. This may include granting the missionaries insight as to the best way of incarnating Christ to the Senegalese. Pray that Satan would be bound. This site will include many specific requests in this area. Pray that God would raise up more labourers, and more intercessors. Key to reaching Senegal is the army of people who are praying, so pray God would teach and guide our prayer support team in the ways of intercession, and keep each faithful. Pray that He would increase the prayer burden that you have for Senegal.